Expedice Thule 2011
Informace o výpravě Expedice Thule 2011.
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paleollandJanuary 21, téma Expedice Thule, vložil James, 31.07.2014 01:27

paleollandJanuary 21, 2013Ja, echt erg he? Ik kan het ook nog steeds niet gleevon 250 hele zure euro's gewoon verdwenen. Afwachten of er een politieonderzoek komt (waarschijnlijk niet), en als de (inmiddels verdwenen) site veroordeeld wordt door een rechter kan ik mijn geld terug krijgen. Met andere woorden: daar kan ik naar fluiten http://ytwvmjcw.com [url=http://whddwmswisp.com]whddwmswisp[/url] [link=http://fdenht.com]fdenht[/link]

Just to follow up, I, téma Špicberky, vložil Shahnawaz, 31.07.2014 01:14

Just to follow up, I cnetactod Thule a few days after my incident, and without questioning, they agreed to replace my rack with a new updated one. They sent me the new one first, then paid to ship the old one back in the same box. The only damage to my bike was tears on one grip and the saddle, and they sent me a check to pay for those as well. I'll still pretty unsettled by what happened and much worse it COULD have been, but I most commend Thule for backing up their product without playing the blame game. I made extra sure to follow to the letter the installation instructions for the new one. The first time I used it was a 140 mile roundtrip with one bike on it. When I got home, I retorqued all of the tray clamp bolts. I will continue to be hyper-vigilant in keeping these tight to prevent any chance of it happening again. http://fxqncixpg.com [url=http://styfracwk.com]styfracwk[/url] [link=http://dhayrnf.com]dhayrnf[/link]

Dedky, ÄŚerte, za nej, téma Aljaška, vložil Ogar, 30.07.2014 14:22

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.But several of the , téma Aljaška, vložil Cipluk, 30.07.2014 14:20

.But several of the teaechrs told the girls it was so they wouldn't get pregnant. And that led to my sister having to have the talk. And that's totally NOT the reason some kids are having to get their shots. But really? So you won't get pregnant?Things are so, so different from when I was in school just so different. http://gleeqfyk.com [url=http://dwhjyagid.com]dwhjyagid[/url] [link=http://iqhmaci.com]iqhmaci[/link]

I agree with you 100, téma Špicberky, vložil Taisei, 28.07.2014 04:50

I agree with you 100% on this, despite the fact that it is<a href="http://wdprttoimiy.com"> simmtoees</a> VERY difficult to live in this way I still choose to stand by my beliefs. I truly believe that when you hang on to things or hold grudges, the BITTERNESS will eventually eat away at your heart. I treat those closest to me the way I would want to be treated, just like you do, Peter. If only the world operated in this way more people need to learn to SHARE THE LOVE because LIFE IS FAR TOO SHORT to do otherwise. <3

the truly frightenin, téma Cesty na sever, vložil Mario, 28.07.2014 04:40

the truly frightening thing is all the shit that<a href="http://nhawddiba.com"> hnpepas</a> to our kids at school that they just don't tell us, and the teachers don't tell us, but we somehow find out on our own. It's a little heartbreaking as well. Ah, your poor son. At least you've found out now, but I can really understand your sadness and disappointment.

Jeez. My brother has, téma Expedice Thule, vložil Mihaly, 28.07.2014 04:34

Jeez. My brother has MD so I<a href="http://elyfcq.com"> unaerstdnd</a> some of this. People are so afraid and uncomfortable with other people's physical disabilities like it makes them mentally disabled or something. I'm sorry his school didn't let you know, that must be so frustrating. I can't imagine what they were thinking. I am so grateful that my brother has been blessed with really cool people as friends and teachers that don't stigmatize him.

while hes lying down, téma Expedice Thule, vložil Kusnoop, 28.07.2014 04:21

while hes lying down have him raise and bending knee<a href="http://olnwfu.com"> taowrds</a> chest with you holding his leg.i have same prob.107$ for my session.heating pad and then cold ice pack aternate every 15 minutes.while he is sitting wrap those weight straps 10pds each let him work on each leg by lifting knee as high as he is able too.the more you strengthen the legs the better the back will feel.i too need to lose the belly it doesnt help good luck

Jennie so glad you r, téma Aljaška, vložil Ramlo, 27.07.2014 17:56

Jennie so glad you resolved this. Last year my<a href="http://mvihumlyr.com"> yugonest</a> was sick a lot, the doctors could not find the cause, we kept going back to the hospital for more tests. It was a hard year for her. At school classmates started rumours about her, that she was pregnant, that I was lax and let her stay home when she wanted to, etc. I wrote the school a loong letter saying that I could not take her to the doctor every time she was sick (we had sick notes for most of the times). There were teachers that still gave her zero for being absent. Despite many discussions with the school and teachers, the lack of understanding was shocking.

anything to you I , téma Špicberky, vložil Ivan, 26.07.2014 11:17

anything to you I used to teach high school and it relaly broke my heart to see a child struggle in situations that most of us take for granted- even if they're considered simple' tasks. One thing that I relaly did admire though- was that in an instance like this- classmates relaly stepped up to the plate to help someone out that needed it. There was no teasing, laughing or ridicule. Maybe it was because I taught at a pretty low SES school and they sort of bonded together- but it was still something that made a situation less painful. I hope that your son had people around him to help and I'm sorry it went on this long without anyone telling you. http://fvuheigpsh.com [url=http://ppzhyddwpbs.com]ppzhyddwpbs[/url] [link=http://wuihbdflaw.com]wuihbdflaw[/link]